Welcome home, Jheronimus!
Bosch research and conservation project

Brief programme overview

The festive, cultural, Bosch 500 year 2016 will start on the market square in 's-Hertogenbosch right outside his former studio....

The exhibition 2016

Welcome home, Jheronimus! Never before so many of Jheronimus Bosch's works have been on display in the same place as during the...

Programme 2016

The English program is ready. Have a look at the booklet and plan your visit to 's- Hertogenbosch.

Bosch Experience Discovery Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Hieronymus Bosch at the Bosch Experience : a discovery tour through the city and region from Bosch. Read more

Bosch Grand Tour

Join the Bosch Grand Tour! and discover contemporary art, design and culture at the seven most prominent museums in the province... Read more

Official reception for opening Bosch exhibition

Friday 12 February will be the big day; the opening of the retrospective exhibition Jheronimus Bosch, ‘Visions of a... Read more

Festive programme at Parade square

Dutch singer/rapper Ali B will be performing at the opening ceremony of the Jheronimus Bosch exhibition in ‘s... Read more